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This page contains an annotated (TO-DO) bibliography of the primary sources many researchers use to study the Sizang language.  I would like to thank Dr. Nathan Hill of SOAS in London for putting together the Bibliography of Kuki-Chin Studies on Wikibooks, from which many of these citations come.  If anyone has any difficulties locating these papers, please let me know.

Sizang Grammar

(Ordered chronologically)

Rundall, F. M. (1891). Manual of The Siyin Dialect Spoken in The Northern Chin Hills. Rangoon: Superintendent, Govt. Print. and Stationery.

Naylor, L. B. (1925). A Practical Handbook of the Chin Language (Siyin Dialect).: Containing Grammatical Principles with Numerous Exercises and a Vocabulary. Superintendent, Govt. Print. and Stationery.

Stern, T. (1963). A provisional sketch of Sizang (Siyin) Chin. Asia Major, 10, 222–278.

Stern, T. (1984). Sizang (Siyin) Chin texts. Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area, 8(1), 43–58.

Sarangthem, B. (2010). Sizang (Siyin) Grammar (PhD dissertation in Linguistics). Manipur University, Imphal, Manipur, India.

Sarangthem, B. (2012). Functions of Pronominal Affixes in Sizang. Language in India, 12(8). Retrieved from

Sarangthem, B., & Madhubala, P. (2014). A Comparative Study of the Mechanism to Assign Gender in Sizang, Koireng and Tarao. Language in India, 14(11). Retrieved from

Sizang Phonology

Sarangthem, B., & Madhubala, P. (2011). A Brief Introduction to the Sound System of Sizang, a Kuki-Chin Language. Language in India, 11(4). Retrieved from

Proto-Kuki-Chin Studies

Khoi Lam Thang. (2001). A Phonological Reconstruction of Proto-Chin. Chiang Mai, Thailand: Payap University MA in Linguistics.
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VanBik, K. (2009). Proto-Kuki-Chin: a reconstructed ancestor of the Kuki-Chin languages. Berkeley, CA. Retrieved from

Button, C. (2011). Proto Northern Chin (Vol. 10). STEDT Monograph. Retrieved from

Gordon Luce’s Materials

The materials gathered by Gordon Luce are hard to track down, but much of his field notes and comparative lexicon is available at Sealang.  Luce’s papers on Sizang specifically can be found here and here.

Here is the citation of his famous “Chin Hills Linguistics Tour” that he took with E. Henderson and T. Stern:

Luce, G. H. (1959). Chin Hills-Linguistic Tour (Dec. 1954)-University Project. Journal of Burma Research Society, 42(1), 19–31.

Luce, G.H. (1962). “Common Form in Burma Chin Languages.” Unpublished 76 page
manuscript originally scheduled to appear in Henderson 1962. Three
supplementary tables: A – 189 words in 22 Chin languages; B – 683 words
in 7 Chin languages; C – 192 words from table B compared with Burmese,
Karen, Tibetan and Chinese. Three supplementary notes: A – Tèdim
(Kamhow); B – Xôŋsai; C – Basic Tones in Chin.  As cited in Button (2011).

Native Materials

Coming Soon!

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