The Lexicon Project – အဘိဓာန်အကြံအရွယ်

The basic goals of The Lexicon Project are as follows:

  1. Archive the lexical items from Bo Sing Za Nang, Luce, Naylor (1925) Rundall (1891), and Sarangthem (2010) in Excel format.
  2. Combine all sources in one large database, each corresponding to a single English entry or a single Sizang entry (some editing of the sources may be required).
  3. Utilize either my own PHP/MySQL coding or MediaWiki to publish the Sizang lexical database.
  4. Make the lexical database open-source and open-access to allow speakers of Sizang to add and edit entries.

I am only one man, so if there is anyone (Sizang community or not) who is willing to assist me with these data, please CONTACT ME and I will gladly receive any help you can give. I am especially looking people who are:

  1. Native Sizang, Tedim, or Zou speakers.
  2. Knowledgeable in PHP/MySQL, HTML, or MediaWiki (especially in creating Wiki Bots)
  3. Able to in IPA when necessary.(TODO: Make guide about typing in IPA)
    Some older texts include diacritic marks like ā è î ǒ ŭ, and in order to have an accurate transcription, they must be typed correctly.
  4. Competent with Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice/OpenOffice Calc
  5. Able to spend a lot of time to make a 2-week deadline from the assignment with no pay.

Current Team

Tyler “Mang Thian Khual” Davis — Project Co-ordinator/ Transcriptionist/ Proof-reader

  • Bo Sing Za Nang
  • Luce
  • Rundall

ULun Zomi — Transcriptionist

  • Naylor


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