Bo Sing Za Nang

Bo Sing Za Nang (Image Courtesy of his Facebook Profile)

Bo Sing Za Nang (Image Courtesy of his Facebook Profile)

Bo Sing Za Nang, a former police officer in Burma, is now a member of the Siyin Cultural & Literature Committee.  The Siyin Cultural & Literature Committee is a natively-administrated committee that publishes materials about the Sizang language (Sizangkam is not affiliated with this committee).  Mr. Sing Za Nang has published two main works regarding the Sizang language:

Sing Za Nang, B. (2010). Handbook of The Siyin Language (Sizang Kam Sinna) (Vols. 1-2). Yangon, Myanmar: Siyin Cultural & Literature Committee, Yangon Siyin Baptist Church.

The work contains lexical items and phrases in Sizang, with English and Burmese glosses and translations. However, the English colloquialisms are sometimes unnatural or not even present.  So, I’ve taken it upon myself (with the approval of Bo Sing Za Nang and family) to edit his work. Along with archiving the typeset copy here at Sizangkam, I will also store the lexical items and phrases in a LibreOffice Calc file. Here is my forward in English (click image for larger print):

Also, Sing Za Nang publishes a daily post on Facebook which he calls “Chicken Soup English”.  Here is a sample:


As you can see, these posts are good sources for both lexical and phrasal data in colloquial Sizang, as compared to the formal Sizang described in most grammars.  However, the English glosses are sometimes unnatural.  So, to ensure that his audience will learn colloquial English well, I will edit his posts and archive them on this site.

Ways to help

Anyone who speaks/reads/understands Sizang will be able to help proofread my English and Burmese translations of some of his writings to ensure that I understood what he wrote (this is especially important with colloquialisms, as meanings are quite specific).

I am only one man, so if there is anyone (Sizang community or not) who is willing to assist me with these data, please CONTACT ME and I will gladly receive any help you can give.

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