Current Progress

To make further progress here at Sizangkam I am doing the following:


  1. Finalizing Luce’s 189-word list from Table A of his unpublished manuscript.
    I have transcribed all phonetic transcriptions and glosses into Excel-format (technically, LibreOffice Calc) and am preparing to release these data in a searchable database.
  2. Looking through other materials written by Luce.
    At Sealang there is an extensive collection of papers from G.H. Luce, which are freely available to the public.  These papers/ manuscripts contain a lot of lexical data and comparative lexical data.  The manuscripts that interest me, of course, are those containing data from Sizang.  One can also compare these lexical data with that of other languages in the Kuki-Chin family.
  3. Transcribing/ Editing Bo Sing Za Nang’s Sizang kam Sinna (Study of The Sizang Language).  The work contains lexical items and phrases in Sizang, with English and Burmese translations.  However, the English colloquialisms are sometimes unnatural, so I’ve taken it upon myself (with the approval of Bo Sing Za Nang’s family) to edit his work.    Along with archiving the typeset copy here at Sizangkam, I will also store the lexical items and phrases in a LibreOffice Calc file.  Here is my forward in English (click image for larger print):
  4. Archive the lexical items from Naylor (1925) and Rundall (1891).  I’m doing this with the help of a Sizang community member whose L1 (mother tongue) is English.
  5. Studying PHP/MySQL to prepare the Sizang lexical database.


  1. Phonetically transcribe audio files on the site for morphological and syntactical analysis.
  2. Edit some of Bo Sing Za Nang’s “Chicken Soup English” posts.
    Bo Sing Za Nang regularly makes posts on Facebook entitled “Chicken Soup English”. These are designed to teach English to native Sizang-speakers.  For research purposes, I will also edit the English colloquialisms on these posts and archive them in LibreOffice Calc format.
  3. Write research papers concerning Sizang =Topics coming soon=
  4. Translate posts into Burmese


  1. Gather sentences and phrases from Naylor, Rundall, Stern (1963).
  2. Combine said sentences with data from Bo Sing Za Nang in a large and searchable online corpus.
  3. Gather audio recordings of folktales, anecdotes, etc.


I am only one man, so if there is anyone (Sizang community or not) who is willing to assist me with these data, please CONTACT ME and I will gladly receive any help you can give.  I am looking for the following types of people:

  • Those with a lot of time they’re willing to donate.
  • Those who are knowledgeable in PHP/MySQL
  • Those who are knowledgeable in MediaWiki
  • Sizang te / Kawl te

Topa thupha maw,
Mang Thian Khual

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