The Goal of This Site

Language and Community

I believe that a language can not be bought nor sold.  However, I do believe in a sense of “Language Ownership”, where any given language and its cultural value can be ascribed to a certain people.  I disagree that said people have total control over what constitutes as “their language” or not, as far as normalization is concerned.  But I hold fast, that whenever an individual, such as myself, attempts to learn or study a language of another people, he must do all he can to work alongside native speakers of the language in its documentation and study.

This website is not only a tool for myself or any other linguist or language learner to utilize, but it is also for the Sizang mi te themselves.  I have not studied their language long, but I hope to pursue an academic career in learning it and do so in cooperation with the Sizang people.

There is only one page of this site so far that is not open to the public, which is the “Private” page.  The reason is because that section of the site, at this particular time, is a quick-reference for me to access my research materials, and I do not have full permission to publicize everything that is there.  Therefore, I have privatized that page until further notice.

Plans for The Site

  • I plan to upload several more audio files and various collections of Sizang texts, with the intention of analyzing them morphologically and phonologically.
  • I plan to provide Sizang cultural information, as well as Sizang music and sermons.
  • I plan to invite native Sizang speakers to write in their language on this site.
  • I plan to upload videos of myself speaking the Sizang language
  • More plans to come

The Languages of The Site

For convenience, the majority of the site has been written in English, but all text will soon be translated into Burmese, the lingua franca and national language of Burma (Myanmar).  Most Sizang also speak Burmese, but there are also some that do not, so English will be helpful to those few.

In the future, I hope to be able to write more in Sizang.  I will demonstrate my level in future posts.

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